Age: 36 years old


How did I get there? I have always had a battle with weight. I have also done just about every diet to lose it. I have lost the weight, the wrong way, many times. It always came right back plus more. In June 2011, I had my 3rd child. It had been 7 1/2 years since my second child was born, and this pregnancy was a hard one. I was really sick for the first 4 months, but made up for it the rest of the pregnancy. I was overweight when I got pregnant, and I gained a lot more weight. I was completely inactive, and I ate whatever I wanted. After Vivi was born, I continued to lay around. The only clothes that I had that would fit me were my maternity clothes. I constantly avoided pictures and mirrors. Eventually, however, I couldn’t avoid the pictures any more. I didn’t even recognize myself. Who was that? How could that be me? I had to do something!!

Getting Started! In October of 2011, I heard about and signed up for the new bootcamp in town. My goals were basic: get active and lose weight! It was HARD!!!! I needed a modification for everything. I kept coming though. However, I didn’t change my eating. The result wasn’t good. Although I felt better over time, I wasn’t losing weight. In fact, I gained weight. In Dec. of 2011 I finally came to the realization that I HAD to change my diet. I didn’t do my measurements (I wish I had), but I did weigh myself. Ugg! Not pretty!!!! The years of doing everything for everyone else had caught up to me. I made some changes in my diet, and the weight started to come off slowly. In March of 2012, I signed up for my 1st Biggest Loser challenge. I had to be measured and weighed by Adina!!! It was humiliating, but necessary! She was kind, supportive, and nonjudgmental. But now I had someone who knew the truth. I had to succeed! I did bootcamp 4-6 times a week. I started writing down everything I ate. When that challenge was over, I signed up for the next one. When that one was over, I signed up for the St. Jude Half-marathon. When I had completed that, I signed up for the next challenge. I am now on my 4th challenge. I have never won, but I have come close! But, more importantly, they have made me accountable.

Current Workout Plan: I currently do bootcamp 3x a week, and I run 3x a week in prep for my second St. Jude Half Marathon! The first one didn’t kill me, so I figured I should do it again. Running is very hard for me, but I now know I am capable of almost anything. I believe in pushing myself past my boundaries. Each challenge brings me closer to my ultimate wt goal. I am stronger everyday! The wt loss challenges give me something to work for. They help me to be accountable.

Current Eating Plan: I have a green smoothie every day! It gives me so many nutrients and it is so easy. I also eat something every few hrs. It keeps my blood sugar stable, and doesn’t let me feel extreme cravings and hunger. I try to stick to clean eating as much as possible. The 21 day belly blast helped me learn this. (Fresh fruit, veggies, white meats, raw nuts, low fat cheeses, yogurt, eggs, etc.) I buy bulk size bags of veggies, which makes it easier for myself. I also drink alot of water. A glass before I put any food in my mouth. Whatever I eat, I write down. I realized by doing this that I ate a whole lot more calories then I knew. Licking that peanut butter off that knife is more calories then you think. Make sure every calorie you consume is worth it! I do plan for a cheat meal once a week. If something else comes up during the week (an impromptu lunch date, work party, etc.), I don’t cheat. I pre-read the menu and plan accordingly. All of your food should be planned.


Stop making excuses and start NOW! You really are worth it. The food isn’t. You won’t be perfect either. My wt has fluctuated many times on this journey. That is why I commit to the challenges. I need that push and accountability. Plan your food! Every bite. When you eat out, do your research. Know what you are going to eat, and how much. Food is really the most important part.

Balance. Commit. My life isn’t easy. I have 2 kids in school, and a two year old at home. They all have places they have to be. I am also a cubscout master. And I work Friday and Saturday nights as an RN. I leave home at 6pm and get home at 8am. (on a good day). I definately have to juggle, but my workouts are part of that schedule. Believe me, after getting off work from a 12hr night shift, the last thing I want to do is workout. But Every Saturday morning, I either go to bootcamp or run. Then I can go to bed. Making myself a priority is really hard for me. But, I am worth it. And it makes me a better wife and mother.

Stats: I can’t believe I am putting this out there! Currently, I have lost 104 lbs. I bought 1 pair of pants at my heaviest. They were a size 18. And a 1-2X shirt. Now I wear a size 8 pants (sometimes a 6!!!) and a medium shirt. I am about 15lbs from my ultimate goal weight, and I will get there!

I promise, if I can do this, you can too! Stop selling yourself short. Set goals and don’t stop. Changing your diet needs to be perminant. But plan for the days you have a cheat meal. I know that completely depriving myself of some of my fav unhealthy foods only leads to bingeing. Be smart. You control your success!