Emily is a certified Bootcamp Fitness Instructor and has been a participant in the LiveFIT community since the beginning. She is passionate about motivating and inspiring others toward seeing and reaching their health and fitness potential. Emily believes that exercise and eating well are crucial if you want to live life to the fullest.

She is a wife to Jonathan and a mother to three little ones: Ella Rose, Isaac and Ivy. Emily loves meeting new people and being with friends – so she considers LiveFIT the perfect place for her.

Emily knows from personal experience that if exercise isn’t fun, you’ll quit. She has long struggled with finding joy and excitement in exercise but feels she’s found that in the LiveFIT community. Emily promises to keep it fun and upbeat, and for her LiveFit classes to be a place you want to be. She wants to inspire you, and looks forward to being an active participant in your journey towards health and wellness!