A few years ago, my dad passed away during a double transplant. I had let myself go before he passed away. After several months of grieving I decided that I wasn’t going to let my family go through the same thing as we did my dad. I had gained as much weight as I had when I was pregnant. My wedding rings had to be cut off due to swelling. The swelling wasn’t due to high blood pressure and the doctors didn’t know what it was from. Even after losing 15 pounds on my own, my swelling didn’t go down. I dieted and ran on my own in November of that same year until I broke my ankle on a trail run. Around the time my boot came off, I reconnected with a friend on Facebook who threw around the idea of LiveFit Bootcamp. I had friends who tried it, but it scared me. Would I really be able to do it? The answer was yes!

I continued to fail at dieting, but didn’t care because I was working out like crazy! The next year I joined the Biggest Loser Challenge. I lost about 10 pounds, but then let my daughter’s activities and the end of the school year become an excuse not to finish very well! Then, came the “Rock Your Jeans” contest! I started strong and again let my circumstances keep me from finishing and going back to a bad diet. Throughout that time, I attended consistently so much that I ranked number 2 in attending the most Bootcamp classes and number 1 in attending the most TRX classes. You would think I’d have lost so much weight however I was yo-yoing back and forth with a 15 pound weight loss.

In 2014 I decided to change my goals for the New Year. My goal was to stay “committed” to a healthy diet and exercise, not allow my circumstances to keep me to accomplish my goals. This year I decided to do all of this for me, not for my family. And what a difference this made for me! Now, I am doing it because I know that I am worth it. And, I am not giving up. I was consuming so much sugar and carbs and very little protein before the Transformation Challenge, I was miserable. I was constantly hungry and my energy was constantly up and down. What I learned in the end was that how I eat is everything and consistency pays off at the end.

All my life people have told me, “You are so little, you don’t need to lose weight!” Well, they were wrong. I was unhealthy and even though I was active, I could not out-exercise my bad diet. The key for me was a consistent balance of diet and exercise to get results. Anyone can do it if I can! I am a busy mom of two, a teacher, and am a V.P. of AYS cheer. My advice to anyone is “If YOU plan and keep going, even after failure, you will achieve your goals!” Who would have thought this little girl would have come in first place of the Transformation Challenge? Not, me!