WHY LiveFit?

LiveFIT Boot Camp and the LiveFit Studio provides a refreshing outlook to group fitness – both indoors and IMG_1967outdoors. You won’t find binding contracts or a heavy sales environment here.  No membership is required. Our clients enjoy the boutique studio atmosphere. Working out in a stylish small, un-intimidating space is just fun!

At LiveFIT we feel every class should be a positive experience. We offer innovative programs and classes that educate the community and motivate people to make lasting changes. Our goal is to make every hour with LiveFit a worthwhile investment through accountability.

Pay when you come, not when you don’t. LiveFIT is unlike traditional gyms where you are locked into a membership for at least a year, pay your monthly dues and feel inspired by the same
tired looking equipment. The quality of our classes inspires clients to return. Every dollar spent on training and nutritional guidance results in positive changes for your health and fitness.

Community and accountability come together to strengthen the body, challenge the mind and lift the spirit!

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