Danielle Byars

I’ve been married to my husband Jeff for over 14 years and we have 4 children, 3 boys and a girl. We LOVE Arlington and we’re in the process of building a home here so I can stop the crazy drive from Cordova!! I started at Livefit as a client after I had had my 4th child. I loved the accountability with friends and the coaches to keep going, try new things, and lose the weight. I participated in several challenges and lost 30 pounds over about a year!

I was getting healthy, getting stronger, and getting real results. One of the classes i fell in love with was BARRE!!! It really started to change my body in those tough areas like nothing else: thighs, booty, abs. When I combine a healthy, clean diet with a consistent Barre routine I see RESULTS every time!!

Teaching Barre has been so rewarding and fun because I get to help other clients get those results they are looking for. One of my favorite moves at the Barre is a waterski series. Your arms are holding onto the barre like a ski rope with your feet touching the baseboard like skis. Then we add different tiny movements like pulsing, tucking, pressing, circling, and holding to really achieve a BURRRRRRN in your thighs and shaking in your legs like nothing else!

We all know you can’t outwork a bad diet and I think it’s important to keep variety in your clean diet so you don’t get bored! My new favorite thing is a Creamy Avocado Protein Shake…I PROMISE it’s delicious and so satisfying. I also never get tired of stir-fry, with plenty of veggies, ground chicken, and either liquid aminos or Tamari instead of soy sauce.

All of YOU inspire me to get up early and get to class, to never quit, and to push myself a little further. I still ask for accountability for myself: in my workouts, my diet, my walk with the Lord, my role as a wife and mom. Getting R-E-A-L with someone who cares about my journey and wants me to succeed is priceless!