Kailey Vecchione

Kailey has been a dancer since she was a small tot. She started off dancing at a studio and continued that until she was on the dance team and/or cheer squad in high school. Once she got to college she gained more than the “freshman 15” over the first 4 years and that’s when she knew she had to change her lifestyle. Dance cardio is what made her fall in love with fitness and learn how important a healthy lifestyle is.

Kailey is an ISSA certified fitness trainer and has taught dance cardio for 3 years and strength classes for about 1 year. She is a newlywed who works full time as a paralegal and a Social Security Disability Representative. In her free time she loves to read, stay active, and be the best dog mom she can be.

“Exercise has changed my life and I am so excited to share a fun, high energy dance cardio class that will leave you sweating and high on endorphins! All levels of dance are accommodated so don’t let the word “dance” scare you away! I can’t wait to be a part of your fitness journey, because no matter how long or short that journey is, it can change your life tremendously!”