WTF – What the Focus?

I attended a time management session called WTF (what the focus) last year from one of my mentors in the fitness industry, Trina Gray.  That title makes me laugh every time.  

So yes, FOCUS.  Really my friends, the struggle is real this week.  As a small business owner I don’t unplug often.  Everything is on my mind, constant communication with clients, the coaches, Jenny… and as much as I LOVE my little fitness world, I don’t unplug enough.

Last week I was able to take my college bound daughter on a little trip to Mexico.  I taught fitness classes at a resort (making it affordable) and spent some serious unplugged time with her.  It was amazing!  I slept so much my back ached, I splurged on rich foods and delicious drinks, I read several books, and it was OH-SO-WONDERFUL.  I exercised plenty with two classes each morning and the rest of the day I made up for it! 😉 

I am a huge proponent of rest.  Mellow yellow time!  And I typically come back FIRED UP and ready to attack a project, initiative or just my clients in class. 😉  This time has been different.  I find myself wanting to continue to eat stuff I would never indulge in at home (because I know how lousy it makes me feel) and I don’t feel like attacking some important things that are asking for my attention.

This morning I gave myself a hard time over it.  I tried to justify it… it’s Summer!  And it’s ok to have a more relaxed approach during the Summer.  But I simply cannot ignore the things that must be taken care of.  So as a few of my friends put it… today I’m putting my business hat back on.  I’m not going to agonize over it.  I’m just going to do it.

My daily routine is essential to being successful in life.  If I am successful as a mom, I feed and care for my children and are there for them.  If I am successful in living healthy, my daily routine consists of feeding my body nutritious foods, sleeping well, hydrating and exercising.  If I am successfully living a life as a Christian, I connect with God in prayer, journaling and stay in the Word.  If I am successfully operating a business, I must manage issues, motivate, lead and address the things asked of me.  There is no other way for me.  And it’s really simple.

The secret sauce is your daily routine. What is your daily routine? What are your best practices? Are you exercising? What are you eating? What are you reading? Who are your surrounding yourself with and spending time with? If you want to be super-successful, you need to be disciplined about your daily habits and routines. How can you improve your daily routine?  Even in the Summer.

When I lay my head on my pillow tonight I know I will be tired but satisfied with a sense of accomplishment that far outweighs any thing else.

Don’t misunderstand me here.  I’m not saying you should not enjoy your Summer with a more relaxed approach.  But what I am saying is, where are you lacking motivation to be Summer Strong??  What daily habit do you need to incorporate back into your day today?  Don’t just think about it.  Do it.

I’m here for you so reach out if you have questions, need accountability or just want to talk!

Your Accountability Ninja – Adina