Get SUMMER READY with our 

6 week BIGGEST LOSER Challenge!

March 30th – May 8th

Registration is closed as capacity has been reached at this time


Participants receive a before & after InBody Assessments for accurate feedback on your weight loss (includes optional halfway InBody) as well as before & after weight and body measurements.


Do you want to transform your body?  Then you have to MOVE! 

  • You are required to complete a minimum of 3 weekly classes at LiveFIT for the duration of the challenge.
  • A MyZone MEP commitment!  If you do not have a MyZone band currently, and want to participate, you will need to purchase one through LiveFIT.  We are offering a one time special price of $85 for anyone participating in the Biggest Loser challenge (normally $99).

Read about MyZone here


Do you want to lose weight?  Then you have to EAT RIGHT!  The 6 week Biggest Loser Challenge has one big nutrition goal… eat REAL food!

Included in this challenge is:

  • Guidelines on What to Eat
  • Meal Mapping
  • Meal Planning
  • A Meal Planner
  • Bulk Cooking Guide
  • Super Shake Guide
  • Ultimate Breakfast Guide
  • Restaurant Guide
  • Sleep Yoga Routine
  • Sample Meal Plan
  • Shopping List
  • Recipes

Each Saturday, we will share with you a website with access to MORE whole food recipes!

  • AND as a BONUS, I’ll share with you via DropBox, 280 RECIPES from 5+ years of challenges!  This is from a recipe book we previously SOLD.  A digital version of your very own comes with this challenge!!

The beauty of this challenge is its simplicity.  Calorie counting or cycling of macronutrients is not necessary.  Eat real food, that’s the name of the game.  


The lessons in this challenge touch on educational basics of best practices.  Some of these things you may know but it’s always so good to review the importance of specific nutrition practices as well as hydration, sleep, etc. We will include lessons for weekly check-ins to give clients a chance to answer open-ended questions and ask questions.

Each morning around 9 am you will get your daily check-in questions such as:

Did you eat a compliant breakfast/lunch/dinner?  Did you avoid eating snacks? …to which you will answer with a simple “yes” or “no”. Remember, these answers help us coach you so we ask for transparency.  If you are struggling we want to know so we can help.


This is where it gets FUN!

This year’s challenge is all about your TRIBE!  You will coach one another, be accountable and complete tasks and challenges as a TEAM!

  • Participate on a team of 4 to 10 team members formed by all participants.
  • $40 to participate (plus hold a Limited or Unlimited LiveFIT Membership for the duration of the 6 weeks)
  • Choose between a LiveFIT challenge t-shirt or tank
  • Your before/after assessments include your privately recorded weight, body measurements and an InBody Composition Assessment. 
  • Includes all of the above mentioned nutritional support, plus daily lessons and check ins through Coach Catalyst and access to our private Facebook challenge page.


Losing weight, losing body fat and gaining muscle is WINNING!


And we want to reward those winners as well as the OVERALL winner.

The OVERALL top 3 winners are based the following point system:

  • 1 point = for each pound of fat lost 
  • 1 point = for each pound of muscle gained
  • 1 point = for each body fat % lost




EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE TO WIN… in more ways than ever this year!

  • Prize for Most Pounds on the Scale lost
  • Prize for Most Overall MEPS
  • Prize for Most Inches lost from the Waist
  • 3 – $100 Cash Drawings if you lose fat, gain muscle or lose body fat %!

Your name can be entered into a live drawing held LIVE at the Biggest Loser Finale Party for one of three $100 CASH PRIZES!

LOSE Body Fat  Lose 1 pound or more of body fat = your name goes into this $100 drawing

GAIN Muscle Gain 1 pound or more of muscle = your name goes into this $100 drawing

LOSE Body Fat %  Lose 1% or more of body fat percentage = your name goes into this $100 drawing


You and your team will compete to reach different levels based on physical activity, nutrition challenges and team spirit.  Every teams who reach all 8 levels will be entered into a drawing to win OVERALL TEAM (prize TBD)!


LiveFIT Studio – 12028 Walker Street

Thursday, March 26 Friday, March 27 Saturday, March 28

**Your initial fitness assessment must be completed by Wed, April 1st to be eligible for prizes.

AT the KICKOFF you will:

  • Have your Inbody test, measurements and weight privately recorded.  Wear minimal clothing and no shoes are allowed on the scale.
  • Pick up your Biggest Loser t-shirt or tank at your kickoff assessment
  • Pick up a MyZone belt *for those who do not have one

Winners will be announced at the Biggest Loser Finale Party on Friday evening May 8th.


What am I committing to? We require challenge participants have a Limited or Unlimited membership during the duration of the challenge. Visit for pricing. Each person is required to attend a minimum of 3 weekly classes!  Keep in mind that the more you exercise, the more likely you will reach your goals!

How and when do I pay? You can pay online when registration opens on March 13th. Registration closes when capacity is reached (which has been in a matter of days in past years) OR by March 17th.

Can’t make it to the fitness assessment? We can set up an alternate time to meet with you!

5 reason to be a part of this year’s Biggest Loser?

1.) To stay motivated

2.) To effectively reach a short term goal

3.) For the positive energy

4.) To be a part of a team


Make It Count,
Adina Wiseman