My mentor, Todd Durkin shares annually his favorite ways to create IMPACT year year.  I’ve taken his list, added my favorite inspiration and want to share it with you!   (you will see why I am a huge fan of his!)  I ended up with 73 points – which I love.  I was born on 7/3/73 – it’s my favorite number. 🙂

Here are 73 ways to make 2018 your BEST YEAR ever!

  1. Be the most positive person you know!
  1. Get rid of people in your life that are negative. If you don’t enjoy being around them, choose not to spend time with them.
  1. Define and KNOW your “Big 5 for the Year.” These are the 5 most important things that you need to make happen by the end of 2018 to truly make it the best year of your life.
  1. Regardless of your role or title at work, be a team-builder.
  1. Define a WORD or theme for 2018 and LIVE IT every day. My word for 2018 is #FULLNESS. Read my blog about choosing YOUR word and how to share it!!
  1. Post affirmations on your bathroom mirror. After all, when you see something enough, you start to believe it. And when you can believe it, you can achieve it!
  1. Ready…FIRE…Aim! You must have the courage and faith to take ACTION on the things that you want in life. Fear often predominates decision-making and fear will rob you of ultimately living your BEST life. Remember, F.E.A.R. means Face Everything and Rise!!
  1. You sometimes have to give up what’s “good” to get to “great.” And that can be scary. See # 7!
  1. Your attitude is a representation of your own energy…good or bad. If you feel great, you are more apt to be great. If you feel sick, tired, lethargic, stuck, frustrated, or unhealthy, you energy is more likely to feel that way also. Do what you need to do to make sure your ENERGY is thriving!!
  1. In order to SOAR, you have to go through turbulence. Weather the storms and keep persevering. –TD Jakes
  1. Start your 2018 off by committing to living STRONG with LiveFIT’s Whole Life Challenge This program is offered at the EARLY BIRD price of $39 for just a few more days!
  1. Be impeccable with your words; Don’t complain, gossip, or be negative. Thank you, Don Miguel Ruiz. (author of “The 4 Agreements”; Read it!)
  1. Read Lewis Howes “School of Greatness.” And listen to his School of Greatness. It’s Great!
  1. Listen to podcasts. I listen to them a couple of days per week for at least 30 minutes. My top ones (in addition to School of Greatness are EntreLeadership (Dave Ramsey), The Shauna Niequist Podcast, Perry Noble Leadership Podast and several others.  Listen while driving, making dinner, getting a pedicure and more!
  1. If you are battling major adversity in your life, read “Everyday I Fight” by Stuart Scott. Man, I loved this book!!!!
  1. Train like a pro athlete; Exercise more. No one has EVER regretted a great workout. And this year, do more yoga…and STRETCH more often!
  1. The hardest job I have is parenting. It’s also the most important. Make sure your priorities are straight!
  1. Clean up your diet. 6-pack abs are made in the kitchen. Get rid of sugars, eliminate the junk food, eat higher quality foods, eat every 3-4 hours, and eat for fuel—not for comfort! And if you really want to clean it up, do a cleanse at least one time per year.
  1. Have one “Greens Drink” a day. Spinach, kale, apple, banana, coconut water and a scoop of vanilla protein powder is one of my favorites.
  1. Be sure to schedule at least one extraordinary vacation per year. It fuels the mind, body, and spirit.
  1. Create your “WLWL” (When Life Works List). What were you doing when life was working best?
  1. Thoroughbreds like hanging out with thoroughbreds—they don’t like hanging out with donkeys. Be careful with who you surround yourself with. Just as much as the right people can push you up, the wrong crowd can bring you down. Thank you Dave Ramsey.
  1. Plan as if you will live forever but live as if you’ll die tomorrow.
  1. Say ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘I love you’ more.
  1. Call up an old coach or teacher and thank them for positively impacting your life.
  1. If you want more, GIVE more.
  1. “The way you do one thing… is the way you do everything.” Thank you Tom Davin.
  1. What are you thankful for? What are your intentions for the day? Whom do you pray for today? Where were you outstanding today?
  1. Clarity precedes genius. You can find clarity in writing and in times of solitude. (One of my goals is to write more this year!)
  1. Track your success. – LiveFIT will debut the My Zone system that will help you track your success IN class and OUTSIDE of class.  I cannot wait to get this program going!
  1. Slow down in order to speed up.
  1. Be willing to fail. It’s the price of greatness.
  1. Spend at least 10 minutes every AM in quiet time, prayer time, or meditation time. Trust me, this little “best practice” is truly one of the BEST things you can do for yourself.
  1. Listen to inspirational music. Create your favorite play list for chilling out as well as working out.
  1. Watch the Rocky “marathon” with your kids on a rainy day. If that doesn’t inspire you to go workout, check your pulse.
  1. Never settle for less than you are worth. Remember, you are worth it!
  1. Sometimes good is good enough. Don’t let “perfectionism” rob you of getting things done.
  1. Problems help create beneficial rearrangements.
  1. “Fear, frustration, and failure are overcome by faith, focus, forward-motion, and follow-through.” -Wayne Cotton
  1. Success takes time. Be patient, but continually invest in yourself.
  1. Focus on the PROCESS… not the product.
  1. Always believe in your dreams, even when they don’t seem possible or other people doubt you.
  1. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Don’t get out-worked in 2018!
  1. “Water people every day”—lift people up instead of tearing people down.
  1. One quick “No” is better than 10 “maybe’s” or “I don’t know’s.” Thank you Randy Hetrick, founder and creator of the TRX.
  1. Be more spontaneous.
  1. Develop a hobby.
  1. “Your attitude determines your altitude!” –Zig Ziglar
  1. Don’t compare yourself to others. Just run your own race and be the BEST version of you!
  1. Be a lifelong learner. And make sure you are reading. Some of my all-time classics are Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, “Start with the WHY: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” by Simon Sinek, and “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone, Motivation Manifesto by Brendan Burchard, and Hard Hat by Jon Gordon (anything by Jon Gordon is great!).
  1. Turn OFF your TV (and even your phone sometimes!).
  1. Eliminate excuses. Replace “can’t”, “won’t” or “maybe” with “CAN, WILL, and DEFINITELY!”
  1. “Eat that Frog” says Brian Tracy. Do the things that you don’t like to do but need to do, early in your day. You MUST be a master of your TIME and need to do the MOST important things first.
  1. Read “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It changed my life!
  1. Hire a coach. Even the Dali Lama has a spiritual coach. Maybe you need a trainer. Maybe it’s a nutritionist. Maybe it’s a business coach or a life coach. Get more accountability, additional focus, and increased results.
  1. Find a way to become more active in your church of choice!
  1. Plan one spontaneous outing on a weekend for your spouse or significant other.
  1. Write out a bucket list of 25 things on it that you want to do before you die. And be sure to check off at least one thing each year.
  1. What can you eliminate from your schedule or stop doing that is currently robbing you of your time and energy?
  1. Do more of what you love to do and what makes your soul sing. What are the 5 things that MOST make your soul sing? For me, it’s coaching, family-time, training, traveling, and quiet time. How about you?
  1. Action is like gas in the car. Without it, you will not go. READY…FIRE…and then AIM!
  1. Write down your “BHAG” for 2018. That is your “BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS, GOAL.” And then do it! What is going to be your game-changer in 2018?
  1. Are you part of the 4-H Club? You gotta have a great HEAD, HEART, HUNGER, & HUMILITY to reach maximum success!!
  1. Don’t just chase success. Chase significance. Success can be fleeting. Significance is when you are making an IMPACT in other people’s lives. BE SIGNIFICANT!
  1. Keep asking yourself throughout the day, “What is the MOST IMPORTANT thing I can do with my time right now?” And then do that!
  1. When you need to get over something, say “NEXT” and MOVE ON!
  1. It’s not WHAT is in your life that is important…it’s WHO is in your life that is most important. Say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ more frequently to them.
  1. Do NOT turn on your mobile phone first thing in the AM. Establish your morning routine, do that, and then turn on your phone.
  1. Get Your Mind Right! Don’t allow “Stinking Thinking” (thank you Dave Ramsey) into your head. What you watch, what you read, who you surround yourself with, who you learn from, ALL counts.
  1. Remove any energy vampires in your life. They are robbing you of precious ENERGY!
  1. “When you have your health, you have 1,000 dreams. When you don’t, you only have one.” –Indian Proverb

72. Use fear as fuel.  Don’t go to the grave with potential still inside of you.  Life is short.  Don’t be content with just being _________ (fill in the blank).

73.  Be sure your mind is right!! The mind, body, and spirit are all closely connected and will catch the disease of each other. #CleanItUp

Each year when I get this list from Todd, I print it and highlight the points that SPEAK to me the most.  Write them down, post them, share them and then make sure you DO THEM.

I am thankful to be a part of your life in any capacity.  Let’s do what it takes to make 2018 the BEST year of YOUR LIFE!

Much love,