Emily Wilson

I’m a certified Life + Weight Coach. 


But I want you to know…I’m not a weight coach because I have it all together, or because I don’t ever struggle. 

I’m not a weight coach because I think everyone needs to have a perfect body or because I think losing weight will somehow provide the perfect life. 

I have struggled with using food as my drug of choice for most of my life. And I got sick and tired of it.

I fought in the gain weight-lose weight-gain even more weight-hate myself battle for years, and routinely lost. I’ve felt the total despair of thinking that I could never conquer such a steep, impossible mountain, feeling like I was in a pit I could never climb out of on my own, and wrestling with the defeat of thinking “even if I DO lose the weight, I will never keep it off, so what’s the point”. 

I’ve experienced the hopelessness of feeling like defeat was inevitable and permanent change was impossible. 

But I decided I had had enough. I found mentors, teachers, friends, read books, took courses, practiced on myself, failed repeatedly…and got back up. And once I got a taste of freedom, once I did the work and changed my life, my eyes were opened to see all the women around me suffering with the same things I had been struggling with for years. 

My love and passion for the freedom of women exploded. I decided that when I figured this thing out, I would spread it like wildfire. I decided to become certified as a Life Coach and a Weight Coach so that I could lead as many women to freedom as God brought my way. 

So that’s what I’m here for. I see you. I know your struggles. I have been there

      …like, for real. 

I want to see women freed from the bondage of food, and from the mental turmoil and self-hatred that prevents us from living our best lives. 

But you have to know, I don’t think any woman is more valuable if her jean size is smaller, or that someone is more lovable if she has less body fat. But I do believe that we were made for more than dragging our sad, defeated selves around, thinking about food constantly- how much we want it, but how much we hate its effect on our bodies.

Body size is irrelevant in the work I do. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 pounds or 100 pounds you’d like to lose. But what goes on in the mind and heart of a woman is what I’m after. 

Regardless of a woman’s body size, what I want for her is a change of mind, because a change of mind will always lead to a change of heart. And when the thoughts and emotions are redirected in accordance with who you want to be, acting in alignment with your goals, living out your dreams and showing up as the you that you truly are will become totally natural. 

Living as the you that you want to be will lead to a more peaceful, more fulfilling, and more satisfying life. The journey to discovering who you want to be and living out your dreams is far more satisfying than the taste of any food.

That’s why I am a weight coach. Because I am wildly passionate about helping women get freedom. I understand on a personal level, and I have a compassionate perspective, and the right tools to help women accomplish whatever it is they want to accomplish. 

And I think it’s time women take their lives back. 

If you’re looking for a perfect person, I’m not your girl. I still have struggles, and I’m nowhere close to perfect. But I’ve found the path to freedom, and I want to guide other women to freedom. To permanent freedom. 

I want to be an encourager, a COACH, someone who believes the best about you when you don’t see it for yourself. 

And I want to impact the world. I believe the most effective entry point to change is through women. I want to see women everywhere empowered to change their lives, love the bodies they’re in, raise up strong, confident daughters to do the same and to lead the world by being EXACTLY who they were created to be. 

And I believe it all starts with how we treat ourselves.