Stronger to The Core Challenge

March 1-5 2021

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$12.99 to anyone

LiveFIT’s 5 day stronger to the core challenge is a condensed program that helps you gain a strong appreciation and understanding of your core well beyond the abdominal muscles. In this program we will focus on building strength in the muscles stretching from your glutes to your shoulders. You will learn techniques for better digestion, stress relief, circulation, and total body strength.
What’s Included:
+20 Page Ebook
+Gut Healing Meal Plan
+Daily Printable Worksheet Checklists
+Facebook Accountability Group

Restore Your Core Workshop

With Kat Goldberg

Sunday, March 21st, 6-7:30pm

$40 per person

Your body has been through a lot, and it’s time to restore it! It does not matter how long it has been, your body – your core specifically – can still heal and can be changed. Let me repeat that – it does NOT matter how long it has been, your core CAN change. Come learn how to properly engage your core muscles and find the exercises that work for YOU that will lead you to a place of strength and tone. The method is going to surprise you!

Nutrition Coaching with Amanda McLeod

Let LiveFIT’s certified nutritionist, Amanda McLeod, help you make positive choices that you can apply to your daily life.

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