Free Resources to make living a healthy life that much easier!

The Healthy Summer Grilling Recipe Book


Cook healthy and fresh meals on your grill all summer long with our ultimate grilling recipe book!

The Clean It Up Detoxing Guide

We are bringing you a fully detailed guide to bring awareness to the toxins you may be exposed to, and help you reduce it wherever possible.
You will learn about hidden toxins in your diet, skincare, home, and entertainment; as well as receive action items to begin to reduce the toxins you consume.

The 2021 Goal Setting Workbook

+ Identify the different parts of your life that have meaning for you.
+ Pinpoint how well you are doing in each of those areas.
+ Create a plan to bring it all into balance

The Foam Rolling Guide

I’m sharing all you need to know to get started with foam rolling. Including: what it is, why it matters, and an exact routine to get you on your way to healthier muscles and better mobility.

Adina Wiseman Fitness Coach

The Body Confidence Guide

Learn how to feel confident in the skin you are in. No more waiting for the perfect size, season, or scenario to chase after your goals. This guide will teach you how important body confidence is, how it contributes to success, and how to begin achieving it today.

The Metabolic Jumpstart Guide

This 5 day challenge will teach you the framework for how to boost your metabolism. You will be given 5 days of actionable items, encouraging daily emails during your challenge, 8 delicious recipes, and 7 challenging workouts.  

LiveFit’s Goal Setting Worksheets

• Support you in getting clear on what you want in your life
• Allow you create a picture of who you are and what you’ll have achieved in the next 10 years
• Invite you to write a draft of your vision – an exciting glimpse into your future