Shed and Share

Name: Gwen Hulley
Age: 51
Fitness Routine: Personal Training with Michelle Moskovitz
Since you began personal training with Michelle, do you feel better psychologically, are you stronger and more confident, has your posture or wardrobe changed? I definitely feel more optimistic and in control of my fitness. Instead of hoping to meet my fitness goals, I am confident that I will. I have become much stronger which is helping me to run longer and faster.
What kind of compliments have you received since you started your fitness transformation? I am starting to receive compliments about my arms, shoulders, and legs.
Can you list what specific changes you’ve achieved through training with Michelle so far? In the 2 months I’ve been working with Michelle I have lost weight, lowered my body fat percentage, increased muscle mass, and my clothes are fitting more comfortably.
What was the biggest obstacle you faced in your journey to become healthy? Who or what helped you overcome it? The biggest obstacle I have faced is remaining consistent in my working out and nutritional efforts. Michelle is totally accessible, and addresses all of my concerns and questions at all times (nights, weekends). She has been the key to keeping me accountable!
What are you most proud of? I am really proud of how easily I have been able to embrace strength training and effective nutrition and make them a part of my lifestyle.
Is there anything you’d add about training with Michelle that you’d want someone else to know? Michelle is always so positive and encouraging, while pushing me further than I think is possible!