How to Get Your SOUL RIGHT

  1. Visit EXTRAORDINARY places.  
  2. PRAY
  3. Surround yourself and connect with SOULFUL people.
  4. Train to glorify your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.
  5. Work on your divine DREAM and PURPOSE.
  6. Do more of what makes your SOUL sing and less of what doesn’t.
  7. SMILE more and CRY more.
  8. Live in GRATITUDE.

Some of these may resonate with you and some may sound a little foreign.  I get that.  The idea of “retreating” and working on yourself can feel unnatural for some.  But once you’ve done it… you’ll never be the same.

#SoulRight couldn’t have been a better theme for the retreat I just came back from a retreat with the Todd Durkin Mastermind.  The TDMM is a place for fitness professionals to connect, grow and live inspired.  This retreat is a time to check out, focus and allows me to dive deep, cry, laugh, encourage, be challenged, think deep, and above all be surrounded by like minded people who INSPIRE me. That is what I want for each of you in the LiveFIT community!

There are great things going on in my life right now, but doubt had crept into my mind. Doubt that I could be the business owner I want to be, the leader I want to be, the mom I want to be, the friend I want to be. There was the fear that I wouldn’t live up to the expectations I feel God has for me.

A fellow masterminded shared this on our private FB page and it totally matched how I feel:  “Needless to say after this weekend, while those fears and doubts still linger.  I am confident God has me right where He wants me and is using me so I lean INTO Him!  I think I was looking so hard for Him to help me OUT of the fears that I was having instead of allowing Him INTO my fears. After this weekend… My Soul is Right.”

It is difficult to explain how these retreats feed my soul and give me the COURAGE and KNOWLEDGE to lead when my mind says “can you really do this, Adina… are you really (fill in the blank) ______ enough.”.

Yes I am enough.  Not because I am any more special than YOU.  But because of Him.  Together let’s live our BEST lives. 

I cannot wait to see each of you this week.

Here for you,