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LiveFIT 901 proudly serves the fitness needs of the Town of Arlington and all of Memphis in one unique location - Arlington's Historic Depot Square. At our studio, you'll find a schedule stacked with dynamic classes led by the top fitness professionals in the area - HIIT, Bootcamps, Cycling, Strength Training, Yoga + Mobility, Barre, TRX, Dance Fitness and more!
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A community like no other

Once you walk in, you'll know. Be encouraged by members and staff who care about your health and wellness just as much as their own.

Every fitness level is welcome

We believe in creating a friendly environment for ALL fitness levels, ages, and body types.

Tailored Guidance for YOUR goals

Whatever your wellness goals are, we’ll help you figure out the right fitness plan and stick to it.

Every body is unique.
Find The Thing that works for YOU.

Cardio Classes

Get that heart rate up and increase your stamina. Our Cardio based classes will have you sweating.
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Strength Classes

Gain muscle and build strength in our strength training classes. Body weight, bands, dumbbells, barbells and other equipment combine to create a killer workout.
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Recovery Classes

Our recovery-based classes are perfect for releasing muscle tension, improving flexibility and mobility, and eliminating chronic patterns of tension within the body.
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We can't wait to meet you! And, we'd love to hear about your fitness goals. Did we mention this was a no-strings-attached kind of thing?

Try as many different classes as you can!

We offer the largest variety of fitness classes under one roof in this area. So, find that special thing that will keep you coming back!

Find a plan that works for you.

There are so many ways to reach your goals at LiveFIT. We offer 3 different memberships, class bundles, and drop-in classes. And guess what? We don't believe in registration fees.

We LOVE our clients.
And they love us.

Everything you need to crush your fitness goals

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LiveFIT 901

Our community is what makes us special. It's what will keep you coming back.

No matter your fitness level. No matter your fitness goals. We've got your back.

We offer the most diverse programming in the Memphis fitness market, as well as a dedicated team of pros to help maximize your experience. And, we know when you walk through our doors, you'll quickly learn that there's no fitness community quite like ours.

A fitness experience where other clients and coaches get to know and care about YOU. Where we motivate and uplift each other daily. Where we push you to reach new goals you didn't think possible.

Our mission at LiveFIT is to provide an environment for success, with tailored guidance and motivation every step of the way.

Located on Arlington's Historic Depot Square, LiveFIT 901 offers a unique location for your next sweat sesh.

Working out at the studio isn't always easy. But, getting there shouldn't be hard. LiveFIT 901 is easily accessible from anywhere in the Memphis and surrounding areas.

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12028 Walker St, Arlington, TN 38002
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Do something today that you will be proud of tomorrow.

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